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Fun and Phonics is an award winning Speech, language and communication Pre-school activity, voted the “Best for Learning“. Igniting a love of learning, we introduce letters and sounds through play, teaching your children the correct way! 

“Hi, I am Claire, lovingly known as the “Letter Lady”. I have been delivering pre-school classes for over 10 Years now. 

I am so passionate about giving children the best start in life. I truly love my job, and seeing how much enjoyment, knowledge and confidence your children (and you), get from my sessions, is job satisfaction at its best. I ignite a love of learning, letters and sounds from an early age, developing your child’s speech, language and communication skills whilst having lots of fun and forming friendships along the way!

Did you know I was voted the most inspiring activity leader in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield? An activity leader that goes above and beyond, and leaves a lasting impression and provides skills for life.

I cannot wait for you to join my classes, whether that be in-person or online with Phonics On-Demand. 



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Fun and Phonics

Children with good communication skills find it easier to learn in school.

Fun and Phonics increases awareness, and provides correct pronunciation of letters and sounds, developing their speech, language and communication skills, all whilst having lots of FUN!

Naturally their confidence will grow, ready for “BIG SCHOOL”

Phonics on Demand

Brand new Phonics on Demand is here, taking online learning to the next level with engaging, interactive, educational content!

Our membership packages, give you access to;

Over 30 Classes

Themed Classes

Learning resources

Weekly live content and interaction

Only one membership per family

Easy to use and watch on TV and all electronic devices

Now you can enjoy Fun and Phonics (on-demand) whenever and wherever you are!

Song and Sensory

 Song and sensory is our adorable music and movement group for 0-18/24 months, depending on development.

Expect lots of singing, signing, sensory, movement and enjoyment, as well as precious time and magical moments to bond with your baby!

Lots of our Phonics Superstars attend Song and Sensory, and love moving up to the big class (Fun and Phonics).


Letter and sound of the week


What to expect

Listening skills

We play a variety of listening games, to work on those all important listening skills. 


We incorporate plenty of movement to keep the children active, while sneaking a little exercise for ourselves.


Each week we take time to create a mini masterpiece with grown-ups help of course, relating to the letter and sound of the week and its yours to take home and show off to the rest of the family!

Letters and Sounds

We just love letters and sounds, we introduce a new letter and sound each week, with lots of repitition. Ask about our famous “SOUND BOX” 

Music, Rhythm & Rhyme

Music plays a key part in developing childrens language and communication skills. We use instruments, props and our bodies to keep a beat and express ourselves through music.

Sensory & Messy Play

We give your little ones the opportunity to explore different textures, and materials relating to the letter and sound of the week.

Letters and sounds

Why we do, what we do!

Most children learn to recognize the letters in the alphabet between the ages of 2 and 4. By age 5, the majority of children begin to make letter-sound associations.

I am so proud that Fun and Phonics has been awarded “THE BEST FOR LEARNING” pre-school activity and here’s why, we do what we do!

Phonological Awareness

This crucial pre reading skill is often overlooked. Phonological awareness, means that your child can recognise sounds, rhythm and rhyme.

Our sessions focus on all 3 with content suited to engage pre-schoolers.

Research  has proven that without this vital skill children cannot learn to read well. 

Letters and Sounds

Fun and Phonics teach each letter in isolation with a letter of the week theme.  Slowly and with plenty of repitition we focus on the correct pronunciation of the letter and sound. 

We review previously learnt letters and sounds, and encourage parents to continue with review and repetition at home. 

When your child is ready we will look at segmenting and blending. 

Multi-Sensory Approach

In each session your child will make a mini masterpiece to take home, and to place lovingly on your fridge! That way you can talk about the letter and sound all week long. 

We use lots of tactile materials, when teaching letters and sounds.. Glue, glitter, sand, shaving foam, rice and much more… 

Every half term a new resource will be introduced for your child to engage, interact and explore!




Happy Families

“Cant recommend this class enough, it is simply fabulous!! Lots of variety, fun and it is so educational in many ways (not going to lie, even I have learnt a thing or two!). Claire is super creative and the detail and planning that go into her sessions is amazing. She is fantastic with the children, knowing each of them by name and makes time for all of them. If you are going to choose one class for your pre-schoolers, this HAS to be it. My toddler loves it, I love it and even my baby loves to get involved too 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts Claire, so glad we found Fun and Phonics x”

Amy Ridge

Charlie & Leo

“We’ve loved the classes, and I feel so much happier sending Lily to school with letter / phonics knowledge she has picked up from your classes, than I otherwise would have felt. 

Thank you so much. 

Liz & Lily

“Fun and Phonics has allowed Luna to come out of her shell, gain social skills and most of all I believe she is going to pre-school with a very good knowledge of letters and sounds. I have also benfited from coming to group every week, and I will miss you. 

I will be in touch to bring Aria when she is 2. x

Joanne & Luna

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