About Fun and Phonics



I’m Claire (aka the Letter Lady) the founder of Fun and Phonics. I have been delivering pre-school classes for 10 years (WOW) time flies.

I have 2 children of my own Niamh (11) and James (8).

Fun and Phonics was born in 2017, when my youngest was referred for speech, language and communication therapy. Some of you may know the waiting list is not the shortest and I wanted to do everything I could to help James.

James was born with congenital heart and kidney defects, and before the age of 4 months had undergone multiple procedures and open heart surgery so I wanted more than ever to help in anyway I could. What’s that quote “A worried mother researches more than the FBI!”

So after many sleepless nights, months of research, development and courses, Fun and Phonics was born.


James attended 3 of my classes a week he flourished, and I just loved spending time with him, and seeing the friendships he made. He is now a very confident, vocal little boy who makes me smile every day.


Now 1000’s of children have taken part in Fun and Phonics, developing their social skills, gaining knowledge of letters and sounds, and parents have piece of mind that their little one is going off to BIG SCHOOL confident and happy!


Letters and sounds

Why we do, what we do!

Most children learn to recognize the letters in the alphabet between the ages of 2 and 4. By age 5, the majority of children begin to make letter-sound associations.

I am so proud that Fun and Phonics has been awarded “THE BEST FOR LEARNING” pre-school activity and here’s why, we do what we do!

Phonological Awareness

This crucial pre reading skill is often overlooked. Phonological awareness, means that your child can recognise sounds, rhythm and rhyme.

Our sessions focus on all 3 with content suited to engage pre-schoolers.

Research  has proven that without this vital skill children cannot learn to read well. 

Letters and Sounds

Fun and Phonics teach each letter in isolation with a letter of the week theme.  Slowly and with plenty of repitition we focus on the correct pronunciation of the letter and sound. 

We review previously learnt letters and sounds, and encourage parents to continue with review and repetition at home. 

When your child is ready we will look at segmenting and blending. 

Multi-Sensory Approach

In each session your child will make a mini masterpiece to take home, and to place lovingly on your fridge! That way you can talk about the letter and sound all week long. 

We use lots of tactile materials, when teaching letters and sounds.. Glue, glitter, sand, shaving foam, rice and much more… 

Every half term a new resource will be introduced for your child to engage, interact and explore!