Back with a bang!

After 180 days Fun and Phonics are back to in-person classes, and what an exciting week it has been.

This week your children have learnt the letter and sound /e/ as in egg. Here we have the adorable Emmie loving the exciting, exploding, egg, experiment!

So, how have classes changed post lockdown, to ensure classes are Covid safe and fun for everyone?

Upon on arriving, everyone waits nicely to be welcomed into class, grown-ups and children are invitied to sanitise their hands, and make their way to a socially distanced spot.

It’s like we have never been away, as the children old and new jump straight into saying hello to everyone, with beautiful actions and lovely loud singing voices.

We get warmed up with a few rhyming songs, and then the children switch on their listening ears for our first game. Big smiles all around the room when praised for keeping still as a statue.

When the time comes to explore, every child now has their own prop bag to open and take a look inside. With a wide variety of instruments, resources and crafting materials the children quickly get to work, playing, making sounds and using their resources. I take time to visit each child individually to ask what they found in their bags!

The children tidy away, and get ready to keep-a-beat, and do so beautifully with a 1-2-3.

Its time to gather round, as we prepare to learn a new letter and sound. They listen intently, and with enthusiasm repeat the letter and sound /e/ before learning the action and song to accompany the sound.

Eagerly they return to their grown ups to start their mini masterpiece crafting “Elmer the elephant, with brightly coloured squares, and lots of sticking.

Whilst the children are busy crafting, I visit each one separately (wearing my funky visor), so the children can explore the sensory with some 1-2-1 interaction.

Fizz, pop, bubbles, squeeze, squirt and wow…. the children are enthralled with the exciting, exploding, egg, experiment! Our bigger boys and girls recognising the letters and sounds hidden in the exploding eggs.

I make it back to my spot just in time to tidy everything away, as we all clean up together. Quite a few don’t manage to finish their crafting, as they were engrossed with the experiment, but not to worry as they can take their materials with them to finish off at home.

Coming back together we have a brilliant effort for “dingle, dangle scarecrow, even the grown ups love this one.

Now the children gather round again so we can recap the letter and sound, and see what the children have brought from home for the “sound box”.

We had a huge array of items, fried eggs, boiled eggs and even a dinosaur egg, elephants, Elsa, Elmo, eel, eggplant, earmuffs, and envelope to name but a few. The children sit quietly in anticipation, waiting to see when their item will be pulled from the sound box. I know from the wide grin who the item belongs to before I even ask.

Then just like that its time for the hokey cokey, and to say bye, with a big thumbs up as we can no longer hi-five!

So, the children still get to do everything they did before, just not in group gatherings.

If you and your child, would like to come along for a free taster session and take part in our wonderful, COVID safe classes you can book a free taster session online.

Can I just take this opportunity to thank you all for coming along this week, you and your child have adapted brilliantly to the changes.

I will see you all next week.

Love the Letterlady Claire

Have you and your child attended a class this week? Let everyone know how it was for you.