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Is this your first time joining me? Please watch the welcome video below

   Thank you for joining me, your little one is on their way to learning letters and sounds the correct way!

  • Its highly recommended that you learn the letters and sounds with your little one in group order. Before moving onto the next group be confident that your child recognises the letter, and can say its sound without to much hesitation.
  • Watch the video’s on the largest device possible, cast to TV is highly recommended, laptop, Ipad or tablet.
  • Enjoy the videos with as little distraction as possible away from noise and toys for optimum learning and participation.
  • Join in with your little one! They love it when you take part too.
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s, a, t, p, i, n

Group 2 Letters and Sounds

e, m, ck, d, r, h


g, o, u, f, l, b, j

v, w, x, y, z, qu


Happy Families

Claire’s online fun and phonics classes are amazing. I’ve attended alot of classes with both my boys and this is definately one of my favourite. My 2yr 10 month old absolutely loves doing the class on the TV and interacts the whole lesson. The classes are so fun and with them being online you can do them numerous times, my son asks to do one every morning as soon as we get back from the school run! He’s learnt so much from them , every sign we see , he stops and points out the letters he knows, it amazes me!!! I would highly recommend giving them a go!
Hannah & Walt

“I love the on-demand video’s, I am a childminder with children of various different ages and, it appeals to them all. The younger ones love the song’s and actions and have a good go at repeating the sounds. My older ones love it all, and especially enjoyed the WHAT’S THAT NOISE! game. I have different children, on different days and now they can all get to enjoy Phonics On-Demand.

Thank you so much.

Emma's Little Explorers

“Wow, my daughter just loved Phonics on Demand, especially the dancing, and asked for more when it had finished. I was part of the research group, and I cannot wait for it to be launched, the annual membership would be the one I would look to join”
Chelle & Marnie